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Kik for PC is Shutting Down - Kik Messenger PC Alternatives

Kik for PC Download: Hello friend welcomes to our apps guide blog! Thank you so much for choosing our post to learn about the Kik messenger app. In this article, we will go into detail on how to install and use Kik Alternative apps on PC and Why Kik messenger is closed. There are tons of messaging apps on the Internet market for Android and iOS smartphones for free. There are many questions about which one is better, which one to choose and how to decide? However, in today's time, texting has become outdated. Some popular social apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Instagram are on the rise. The Kik Messenger is one of the popular communication application but unfortunately, they closed the service recently. Because of some security and Commission problems planed to shut down the messenger. If you are a Kik user then don't worry here we suggest you the best alternative for Kik Messenger. Okay, Now let's look at the best alternative apps for Kik and How to use those apps on PC Windows?
Kik for PC Alternative
Kik for PC Alternative
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About Kik for PC
Kik for PC

Kik for PC is an instant messaging application provided by Kik Interactive. And Kik is the abbreviation of Kik Messenger. It was introduced in October 2010. It works differently than other applications. You can connect with your friends using mobile numbers, usernames or keycodes. Kik gives you permission for that. You can also send stickers, emojis and graphic images. Includes videos, docs, and many more common chat-like features. The Kik app specializes in providing user privacy. It is very popular in allowing you to interact with your family and friends for free if you are connected to the Internet. And it is an excellent and compatible app. Okay, let's look at the features of Kik messenger.

Features of Kik Messenger for PC Windows

Kik for PC is designed and introduced to mimic the look and functionality of real smartphone SMS text messaging. It is a success that has become the most popular application among today's youth. This application works with user profiles and usernames. Key features of Kik for PC include:
Kik for PC
  • Direct Typing - Allows you or others to see a chat each time you type a direct message.
  • Kick Codes - Allows every user on the home page to use the Gear icon code in the top left corner of the chat tab to access it from their settings.
  • Free Multimedia News - Not only can text messages be sent to a course, but also photos, gifs, videos, sketches, emoticons, and more.
  • Chat Personalization - lets you choose the color you want for your friends' chat bubbles.
  • Profile Integration - This allows someone to customize your profile picture and contact information.
  • Message Receipt Notifications - You receive notifications when you send or receive messages.
  • Automatic Connection - When your friend signs up for the phone number or email registered on your phone, the app sends a notification to both of you using the app.
  • Free Video Chat - Users can use real-time video chat with friends.
  • Group Conversations - Allows you to have your own group conversation with your friends.
Kik for PC

Alternative for Kik for PC App:

There are hundreds of messenger apps available today but few applications only made millions of users because of its features and advanced security options. Here We have mentioned a list of bets Kik for PC Alternatives.

Telegram: One of the best messaging application. This app is a cloud-based application and you can create channels and groups to chat with anyone from anywhere.

Whatsapp: One of the most downloaded and used application is called Whatsapp it is worked on the client base. It will store all the data in the user's device memory. 

IMO: It is the best alternative for Kik on PC because it has all the kin features. You can create video calls and audio calls easily. You can also make a group video call using this app.

Instagram: It is a social media app with all messenger features. Try this one it becomes trending application in the Google play store.

Line, Wechat, Snapchat and iMessage are all the best alternative apps for the Kik messenger app for PC Windows. Okay, let's look at the steps to download and install these apps on PC/laptop.

Steps to Install Kik on PC Alternatives:

To download and run Android apps on PC, you need to use Android Emulators. There are plenty of Android emulators on the market. But Bluestacks is the best and safest of all. Steps to Install Kik alternative on the PC is as follows:
  • First, choose which app you want to on PC. Here we take WhatsApp for example.
  • Now you need to go to the Bluestacks official website in the browser and You need to download and install Bluestacks on your PC/laptop.
  • Once you install Bluestacks, you will need to open it and add your Google Account.
    Kik for PC
  • Then open the Google Play Store and search for "Whatsapp Messenger"
  • Once The Whatsapp is available, click on Install and download it on PC.
  • Now, after installing Whatsapp, you can create a new account and start using all its features.
This is how you can install any android application on PC Windows. If you have any doubts please let us know in the below comment section. 


These are the steps to install and use Kik alternative apps on PC. This way you can simply chat with your friends or family. This will make you feel like you belong with you wherever you are. We hope you found this article very helpful. Use our instructions to install and install the best Kik alternative on PC.

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