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3 Best Educational Apps for Solving Mathematics Problems

In our daily routine, we face many problems related to mathematics, and in our busy routine, we don’t even have much time to stand and stare at the beauty of nature. Our life has become very fast, whenever we face problems in the study field, we try to find a shortcut because we don’t have time.

In this article, we will discuss some shortcuts that will help you in solving mathematics problems. These shortcuts are the applications that will assist you, and you will be able to check the answer without using a pen and paper.

Best Educational Apps for Solving Mathematics

These applications are playing a vital role, and hundreds of people are taking benefit from these applications. Let us discuss these worthy applications. 

1.  Limitcalculator

The limit calculator is an application that is available on both the play store and apple store. This app is usually used to determine any function's instantaneous value. Limit is one of the most important concepts/topics of calculus and pre-calculus. Sometimes it’s quite easy to evaluate the limit but in some cases, we face difficulty.

In the calculation of limits sometimes it becomes indeterminate form and we have to solve it using different techniques like the L’hospital rule and it takes time. This application can solve all types of complex and difficult problems within an instant. You can also get the result of the function including Pi.

The limit calculator is developed by top-notch mathematicians and highly skilled developers, and they have provided a bunch of options to facilitate the user. Some key features are as follows:

Input style:

The input section is very simple and easy to use, you just have to input the function, then select the limit and press the calculate button. You will get a step-by-step solution.

A bunch of features:

The limit calculator facilitates the user with a bunch of facilities, you can easily find the left-hand limit, and right-hand limit, or if you want to calculate the two-sided limit then the calculator will calculate it within a fraction of a second.

This calculator also includes some exciting features like you can download the result, and there is a keyboard that includes the mathematical symbols so you will not face any difficulty. Many features make this limit calculator unique compared to other calculators. I.e., this application provides a step-by-step solution.

It provides all the possible intermediate steps and also plots a graph of the problem that is under consideration, many other applications do not plot a graph. So, this is also a key feature. Another feature that makes it different from the other calculators is the “expansion”.

2.  Antiderivative Calculator

The second application that we are going to describe is an app for an antiderivative calculator. This application is available on both the Google play store and the apple App store. The term antiderivative also known as integral used to find the area and volume under the curve that lies in the Cartesian plane.

The antiderivative is also a most important topic in pre-calculus and calculus. It generally has two types definite and indefinite. The definite integral contains upper and lower bounds i.e., limits. In the case of indefinite integral, there are no upper and lower limits.

This application is very easy to use and the user interface is very awesome and flexible. In the following section, we will discuss some important features of this app.

Input type:

The antiderivative calculator is a very flexible and easy-to-use application, it accepts all types of inputs like exponential, algebraic, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions.

How to use the antiderivative calculator:

Step 1: Select the integration type.

Step 2: Write the function, you can also check examples if you face any difficulty.

Step3: Select the variable w.r.t you want to integrate the function.

Step 4: Press calculate.

You just have to follow these simple steps, but if you want to calculate definite integrals, you should enter the upper and the lower bounds.


In this section, we will discuss the features of this integral calculator, these features make this application different and more valuable than the other integral calculators.

3.  Limitcalculator. online

The 3rd application we are going to discuss is a limit calculator. The basic concept of limit is already described above.

 This limit calculator gives the step-by-step solution of the given input. It plots a graph and also provides the series expansion of the function.

You can find both left-hand and right-hand limits using this limit calculator, it is very easy to use you just have to follow the below steps:

  • Input the function
  • Select the limit and
  • Press the calculate button.


In this article, we have discussed the three best educational applications that are helping thousands of people to solve their mathematical problems. We have discussed all the key features of these applications and we also provided a how-to-use section in which you will find the complete guideline to solve the problems.

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