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Facetime for PC/Laptop Free Download(Windows & Mac)

Facetime for PC Download: Hello friends, First of all, happy to welcomes you to our apps guide blog. Do you want to know about the Facetime app? and want to use it on PC/laptop? Then you have to choose the right blog post. Here In this article, we provide you the details of the Facetime app and How to install Faceapp on PC/laptop? The Facetime app is used to make video chat, text chat, or hold meetings with one another via devices like mobile, PC/laptop, and iPad, etc. The Facetime video calling app now comes with a built-in camera software feature in the system. So you can catch, hang out, make business meetings easily. You can use this app to connect with anyone anywhere with an internet connection. There are plenty of video calling or communication apps available in the app store but still, Facetime made millions of users because of its unique features. Okay now, let's look more details about Facetime for PC/Laptop.
Facetime for PC/Laptop
Facetime for PC/Laptop
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About Facetime for PC

Facetime for PC
Facetime is a video chat application used to chat with your friends and family members using internet data. This app has been developed and introduced by Apple for its iOS users. The video calling the quality of this app is found to be better than any other video calling apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike, and etc. It allows you to record your calls with HD quality. The Facetime app is one of the best video calling app ever released for iOS devices. This means that the app is a fantastic application compared to Google Duo, Skype, Bingo and Messenger. In 2020, the best way to communicate with the people you love is the Facetime app. It has great video calls that connect you emotionally and physically with your loved ones. This app provides the best user experience and makes it fun and easy for everyone to find. It allows you to make audio and video calls from your PC in one click. Okay now let's try to know the best social networking app Facetime app features below.

Main Features of Facetime App for PC/Laptop:

The Facetime app for PC has many advanced features that you can't find in any other social networking apps. The features are as follows:
Facetime for PC

  • The Facetime app is a completely free app for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac and etc.).
  • This application was originally developed for iOS devices. Then officially developed for Android and Windows PCs.
  • This app can be used anywhere for audio or video conferencing at any time. Users can make audio and video calls to anyone around the world.
  • The Video and audio of this app are seen as high quality so you will get a better experience.
  • Users can connect various devices such as iPhone, Mac PC, Windows and etc without any problems.
  • This app will automatically keep all your contacts from the contact book to the app. The data is also stored on iCloud.
  • Using the PC's facelift, it allows users to easily make multiple conferences or personal calls for free.
  • The app supports up to six users simultaneously in a face-to-face video/audio call. The user who want to interact with their friends and family, the best application is the Facetime app.
  • The Facetime app is completely safe and secure for any user to use because they are using end to end encryption for all calls.
  • Users can easily hide or block other calls if they wish. and users can add their favorite callers to the "Favorites List" in the app.
  • This allows you to make conference calls to communicate with about 9 to 10 people at once. 
These are all the main features of the facetime app on PC/laptop. Now let's look at the steps to download and install Facetime app for windows and Mac PC. 

Some Requirements to use Facetime on PC/Laptop:

  • In Mac OS, all versions will support the Facetime app. In Windows OS Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 will support the facetime app features. 
  • Your PC RAM should be 4GB or higher.
  • Your device must be supported by a webcam device. For communication, you need a microphone or headset.
  • There should be a good internet connection and a quality graphics card support to run facetime app on Windows PC/laptop.

Install Facetime on PC Mac/Windows OS

Facetime cannot be installed directly on the PC Windows but it is available for Mac OS so if you are a Mac user then you can download and install the Facetime app from the apple store. If you want to use the facetime mobile app on Mac then you can download the Bluesacks mac versions and install it easily. If you want to install Facetime on Windows PC then you need to install ios emulator software on PC and follow the below steps. There are many iOS emulators available for Windows PC but the iPadian is one of the best and safe emulators to use iOS apps on windows PC/laptop.
  • First, open the browser on your PC and go to the official iPadian website.
  • You need to download the iPadian emulator available there and install it on your PC.
  • Then open iPadian, connect to your Apple Account and open the app Store.
  • In the Search bar, type "Facetime" and click on the search button.
  • Once the list is available, you need to download facetime app to your PC by clicking on the “Install” button.
  • Once the download completes the installation will begin automatically.
  • Now the Facetime app is installed on Windows PC you can start using it and chat with your friends and family easily. 
This is how you can use Facetime app on PC/laptop. If you have any queries please let us know in the below comment section.


The Facetime app is a great way to make audio and video calls with your friends and relatives. Installing the Facetime app on the PC will be easy for you if you use the instructions described above. So follow the steps we have outlined in this article and use Facetime on your PC. Thank you for the visit.

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