Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Software Development for Telecom: 8 examples of Successfully Implemented Projects

Telecommunications has become very important as so many companies are going remote. Telecommunications is the exchange of information over significant distances electronically. This information can refer to voice, data, or video transmission. The telecommunications industry can include communications infrastructure, devices like cell phones, fiber optics, satellites, the Internet, and even radio and television.

Software development for telecom is complex and diverse as well. If you want to start your own telecommunication software development firm, you will need to find the right developers that can deliver custom, best-of-breed telecom software development services.

Software Development for Telecom Success Stories

If you own or want to start a custom telecom software development company, you should definitely use some of these success stories as a source of inspiration.

NextWave IT

During the pandemic, businesses really struggled to stay connected. NextWave IT offers complete end-to-end business solutions for enterprises, including VoIP, mobile, data connectivity, and more in a single package. They also provide on-premise deployments and managed IT services.


Slack has really taken off as a chatroom instant messaging service for businesses. Users can create or join chat rooms and message each other directly. This allows everyone accesses to important, instant information in a controlled environment.


Staying connected in the mining, oil, and gas industries can be difficult because they are based in some of the world’s most inhospitable regions where Internet connectivity is non-existent. The telecom software developers at Picogrid built a field intelligence platform that offers unlimited satellite broadband to connect equipment in remote regions. 

All the terminals are solar-powered and stream imagery from anywhere in the world so that companies can keep track of their assets.


Have you ever given thought to how complicated messaging in the modern world can be? You have to communicate with your staff internally, your leadership team, your small development teams, and your various customers. These messages not only need to be delivered securely, but they also need to be stored correctly in order to resolve issues and gain business insight through analysis. 

The telecom application development teams at Xeebi from the US integrate application programming interfaces and SMS protocols at scale, with end-to-end encryption and full administrative control. They also offer awesome pre-written templates to make communication even easier.    


Ringotel in the UK connects customers across various channels - including voice, video, and messaging. It combines Skype, Messenger, Viber, and Telegram to keep you in the loop, wherever your customers are.


FileMagnet is set up from your PC to your mobile devices so that you can push files between multiple devices and provide secure storage. The FileMagnet is a great app for people on the go.

Connection Stabilizer Booster

This app can help mobile users when they lose their data signal and struggle to connect. In addition to helping you stay connected, it offers lots of powerful features to ensure a reliable mobile internet connection on the go. It’s a lifesaver during remote working.

IPE Toolbox

Your network is important, and you need to manage it carefully. The IPE toolbox app will let you know how many nodes your network is currently utilizing and how to calculate the best subnet size accordingly. You can also deny or allow firewall rules with precision and ease. 

It also comes with a VoIP calculator so you can determine how much bandwidth you are using for voice traffic.


There are plenty of wonderful apps being built in the telecommunications industry. Software development for telecom is an exciting and evolving field with plenty of room for growth. Now that you’ve seen our favorites, why not start one of your own?

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