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Gboard (Google Keyboard) for PC Free Download

Gboard for PC Download: Hi everyone! Does your PC need a reliable typing application? One of the best and safest typewriting application is called the Gboard (Google Keyboard) application. Gboard is called Google Keyboard because it is released by Google LLC. The keyboard has a continuous input function that works better and more accurately. It helps you to send messages, text and learn new words. Google Keyboard functions as a keyboard, for example, the Arabic keyboard, predictive keyboard, social media, English dictionary, Thai keyboard, sliding keyboard, etc. Google Keyboard Tweaks Text Sensitivity and Relaxation. Input mode can be determined using your fingers only on the letters on the slide. You have to move your fingers without using the empty space key to complete a word input. You can enter voice input mode at any time. The Gboard (Google Keyboard ) for PC has strong keywords that allow you to quickly and accurately enter text on all Android devices to identify and predict the next words. This application is specially designed for android mobile users now we can use this app on various devices. Here in this article, we provide you the complete guide to use this Gboard app on PC Windows. Read the complete post and get the advanced keyboard app on the PC/laptop.
Gboard for PC Download
Gboard for PC Download

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About Gboard (Google Keyboard) for PC
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The Gboard for PC is the Google Keyboard tool. If you're tired of the old keyboard on your PC/laptop, Gboard will be the new, improved and beautiful keyboard instead. The keyboard has all the features of a normal keyboard. This application is a fast and reliable tool. This way you can use it to enter information and voice input without interruption. This means that if you are unable to type in the message, you can use the voice input method to make sending text easier. This application supports you to write without looking at the screen. This application is useful if you want to translate foreign text. It will help you find more gifs and send them to your friends faster. It is an android application so if you are an android user then you can easily download it from the Google play store. In google play store this app made more than 1000 million downloads and has 4.3 users ratings. This Gboard app is available for both android and ios devices. It has many advanced features that are listed below so before download and installs the app just try to know its features.

Main Features of Gboard (Google Keyboard) for PC/Laptop:

Gboard for PC has many features. They are as follows:
  • The Google Keyboard provides an option called glide typing in that you can slide a finger from one letter to another and type fast.
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  • The app includes the emoji search option for user experience.
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  • It also has the ability to automatically correct spelling errors according to the language being enabled.
  • You can also type in any language as Google has the Google Translate option on the Gboard PC App.
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  • Gboard allows users to write without losing sight of the app from anywhere.
  • The floating feature of the Gboard makes it transparent.
  • Using the Gboard, the user can see what he wrote at any time.
  • The voice input option can be used if you cannot type.
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  • The Gboard keyboard layouts totally look very advanced.
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  • It contains gesture input with a dynamic floating preview.
  • And this app is available with dictionaries for 26 languages ​​and can be easily converted to any language.
  • The next word comes with suggestions and features like the current word completion.
  • It has a very quick and effective performance and many more features are there in Gboard for PC app.
These are all the best features of the Google Keyboard app now let's look at the steps to download and install the Gboard on PC/laptop.

Download and Install Gboard on PC/Laptop - Windows

Basically, you can't download and install android applications like Gboard directly on your PC. But there is a solution for installing Gboard on your PC. They are the Android emulator. You can simply download and install Gboard on the PC using the Andriod Emulator. Below are the steps to install Gboard on PC windows.
  • You need to connect the internet to your PC and open the browser.
  • You should go to, the official website of Bluestacks. You can use other android emulators like Nox, Andy and etc.
  • You need to download the Bluestacks for the PC windows version or Mac version.  
  • After downloading Bluestacks.exe you need to click on the file to install Bluestacks downloaded on your PC.
  • Start installing Bluestacks on your PC may take a few minutes to wait for the process to complete.
  • After installing Bluestacks, open it and connect your Google Account and open the Google Play Store application.
  • There you have to type in the search bar as “Gboard” or “Google Keyboard”.
  • Once the Gboard is available you need to click on the “Install” button to install it on your PC.
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  • Now the Gboard PC will start downloading and start installing automatically.
  • After installing the Gboard on PC you can start using easily. Please share your experience with us in the below comment section.


Gboard for PC is the best choice for you as you type fast and need accurate predictions. You can quickly and safely use this app on your PC. You can easily convert to any language as it is found in the Dictionary of 26 Languages. So use Gboard for PC and share your experience with us. If you have any other app-related queries please let us know in the below comment section. thank you for your visit.

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