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SHAREit for PC Free Download on Windows (7,8,10)

SHAREit for PC Download: Hi everyone. Welcome to our apps guide blog. Do you want to use SHAREit on your PC windows? Do you have difficulty transmitting a file from one PC to another, or from another device to your PC? No need to bother sending files anymore. SHAREit is the application created for that purpose. SHAREit is a free application for PC. Sending content from your device to another device at lightning speed. You can send Photos, Videos, Music, Documents and Folder for any type of device - Mobile, PC, Tablet. Gigabit files can be sent without cables, USB drives or network charges. SHAREit 2020 for PC works easily and quickly with the latest offline installer. Today most of the time we need a tool to share files between devices so this is one of the most needed applications in all devices.
Shareit for PC
SHAREit for PC
There are many sharing applications available in the app store but Shareit made millions of Downloads because of its features and quality in performance. Let's look at the more details about share it app and how to install SHAREit on laptop/PC.

About SHAREit for PC

SHAREit is the next version of Bluetooth used on mobile devices. Wireless devices can automatically detect each other within the range of this application. Large files, photos, apps, and videos can be shared up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth. There is no need to fear using the SHAREit for PC as it has additional security and privacy file sharing. Share your files between all Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad devices this app is platform-independent. The app is being used by more than 500 million users. from all around the world. This tool is initially developed only for android devices then after getting a huge response from the users they have released this app for all platform devices. Okay before getting into the download steps lets look at the main features and options on SHAREit PC.

Key Features of SHAREit for PC:

SHAREit for PC has many advanced features that are listed below, use all features and share your experience with us.
  • You can transfer all your files and data from your PC Windows to another device, such as photos, videos, local music files, documents, and apps.
  • SHAREit is considered a fast and robust file-sharing application. This app lets you switch content up to 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • Remote Viewing is a quick and easy tool to search for files and folders. The document is used to view and play.
  • This application operates under the direct link of the hotspot. You can send files without an internet connection.
    shareit pc
  • An amazing unique feature of the app is the group exchange. You can share files with your friends at the same time without any problems. All you need to do is send your portal to your friends and family.
  • Another essential feature of the SHAREit app is the formatted phone replica. This way you can quickly backup or share all data from your PC Windows to other devices.
  • The app interface lets you share all your files and documents directly from your mobile to PC or from your PC to mobile easily.
  • This SHAREit for PC application is built as a cross-platform application since it does not create an operating system barrier.
  • In recent days Shareit made more updated like social sharing application. You can watch movies, the latest trending videos and also you can play games on this app.
These are all the main highlights of the SHAREit app on PC Windows. Now let's look at the download and install steps of SHAREit in PC/Laptop.

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Download and Install SHAREit for PC:

SHAREit is an exciting file-sharing application and one of the most needed tools for your PC Windows. All types of files and folders can be used to share from one device to another easily with the help of this app. Here are the steps to download and install on SHAREit for PC Windows please follow the steps without a skip.
  • First, you need to connect your PC to the internet and go to Google from your browser and Search for the SHAREit. Now from the search result open the homepage of the SHAREit app.
  • There are different options at the top of the screen you can see.
  • You have to select your platform device from the drop-down which is shown in the below image.
shareit for windows
  • The SHAREit application for the PC Windows is available on the official site to click and download the app directly to your PC.
shareit web pc
  • Now start Installing the SHAREit application after downloading it to your PC Windows.

  • After installing the SHAREit application, you can start using it and share your files easily between any platform devices. 

Method of using SHAREit for PC:

  • To use the downloaded and installed SHAREit application you need to do some steps.
  • To use the SHAREit app, you need to open the app and register for the ID.
  • Now you need to use your Gmail ID to login to the SHAREit app.
  • You should check all settings in the SHAREit app and configure your account to suit your wishes.
This is the method to download and install the SHAREit app on PC/laptop. Please use the above method and share your experience with us.


The SHAREit app on PC/laptop is a cross-platform application. This application is designed to support all devices. You no longer need to use Bluetooth to share files. The SHAREit utility allows you to create a connection through a hotspot and transfer files. It is a safe application. SHAREit is available for all types of devices such as Android, IOS, Windows, Mac. If you have any queries please let us know in the below comment section. Thank you for your visit guys.

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