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Best Tools To Merge PDF Files - Easy and Fast Tools

Merge PDF Files Easily: There are times when electronic documents can be hard to work with. There could be a need to combine them so they can be easily accessed into one file. Since it is one of the widely used file formats today, you can put PDF files together using a number of pdf tools available online. It can be very easy to work with and does not require installation on the device. You only need to use an internet browser and get things done. 

Tools to merge PDF Files
Tools to merge PDF Files

If you are looking to merge PDF files, here are some of the best tools you can use:


According to their tagline, IlovePDF has the “online PDF tools for PDF lovers”. The said website offers a comprehensive list of pdf tools that “PDF lovers” will surely like. Upon visiting their website, users will be greeted with a homepage that is easy to navigate and use. Just upload the files, merge, then download the final file. Aside from web access, desktop software and a mobile app are also available. However, a premium subscription is required to use them. Prices start at US$48 per year that also includes an ad-free and unlimited document processing. Users with the free plan can only work on the web version and there will be usage limitations.


If it will be your first time using an online PDF tool, you might be confused with SodaPDF’s website. It will promote the use of their desktop version and offer a free trial, then the list of free online tools will appear when you scroll down further. Other websites offering the same services may allow using all of their services for free with limitations, but SodaPDF is different. Free users can only view, convert, edit (includes merging), and add page numbers. Paid plans start at US$4.15 per month, billed annually for one user. Though they primarily offer their services to paid users, it is one of the best online tools to merge pdf files.

This is one of the easiest websites to use of all free online PDF tools. is very user-friendly and only has a few ads on each section. Using the merge PDF function is also easy, which can be done in a few clicks. Choose the ’Merge PDF’ option then choose the files to combine from the file directory or drag & drop on the dedicated box on the page. Files can be arranged and adjusted depending on your preference. Click the ‘Merge PDF pages’ button where it will start the download of the processed file. There are more basic and advanced PDF tools available soon, such as but not limited to flatten, repair, and extract images.

Aside from merging PDF, these 3 websites offer plenty of pdf tools that are useful. Though some of them require payment for premium access, take advantage of them while they are offering their services for free. Some websites like will even offer more advanced pdf tools that PDF users find useful at times they will need it the most.


These are all the top tools to merge your PDF files into one file. Most of the time this tool will help you to make your work more effective. Hope this guide will help you very well with your work. If you have any doubts please let us know in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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