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Ludo king Download for PC (Windows 10/8/7 & Mac) Free - The Best Board Games

Ludo King Download for PC: Many people love board games which are known basically as pachisi. These are most popular in Southeast Asia. ludo king is one of the best board games which would entertain people. The game has created an abuzz which is primarily played anywhere and anytime globally. Ludo king For Pc Became the first Indian game which is across 100 million downloads on google play. You can enjoy a game of snakes as well as a ladder on different variations. It has millions of downloads that are available to download the apps. This is Primarily Played Anytime and Anywhere globally. This popular game is the best game to entertain people. You can enjoy a Ludo king game with snakes and a ladder.

Ludoking For Download Pc
Ludo king For Download Pc

What About Ludoking For Pc Free?

The ludo king app has will in snakes as well as ladders. this mobile version of the famous snakes as well as ladder board game which can be plated in four modes. This game lovers to take a quick break from ludo and play snacks as well as a ladder in the same app. This game was played by between 2 to 4 players. which has the good option of playing games against computer friends. The main objective of this game would be pretty, consisting of players having 4 tokens. These tokens must make the fall turn of the board and make it finish them. 

This Gameplay is simple and largely automatic with your choices, select the tokens to move. it is the only tokens that can move, automatically move it for you. It is a simple game that actually has enough strategy against the computer. It is free and fun against the LudoKing Players. It is up to six players which you can get a single LudoKing Match and making some intense action.

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What are the Features of Ludo king For Pc?

There are 7 different versions of the board game of having snakes as well as a ladder. 

  • This game is available within the ludo king For Pc, customize the look and feel of your favorite game. 

  • You can play with people amount the world and make them friends as you want. 

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  • You can even connect them on Facebook. 

  • It is a highly popular game that is now in the form of a modern video game.
  • You can Play with your friends or family on the computer or even with their players. It is challenging with plenty of hurdles like Snakes on the board.
  • You can use 4 tokens to finish the line before going to your competitor.
  • A Cross-Platform game is with the support of a desktop as well as an Android and iOS. Device.
  • There is a multiplayer version that is available for this game, form a group and play against others.
  • Playing offline against the computer, you can play even Ludoking For Pc offline. 
  • You can resume the play features in the middle of playing the game. 

If you don't want to play stop in middle, just pause the game while leaving, and after that work and resume it. 

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How To Download Ludo king For Pc?

There are android emulator apps that are slowly gaining huge popularity. 

  • This app will provide you an awesome gaming experience that you can run. Here is the downloading guide on how to download ludo king for pc using the Memu Player App
  • You need to download and install the Memu Android Emulator App On Your Pc
  • You can find the Google PlayStore in the Memu Player App and open it. 
  • Now you need to search for the ludo king app on your Google Playstore and click to install it.
  • It will take some time to install the app on the Memu Android emulator
  • Once the installation is completed you can open the ludo king game app and enjoy playing it on the bigger screen. 


Ludo King is the best and popular board game, mostly played in Southeast Asia. This game is well known which you can play and enjoy ludo king on your pc. As I mentioned in this post, ludo king can be downloaded using an android emulator apps, like the Memu player app

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