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How To Choose and Install a CPU For Your Custom PC?

Choose and Install a CPU on Custom PC: The Central Processor Unit is the core of any PC, if you get your hands on the right one you would not regret your decision. But, if you choose the wrong CPU surely it will cause trouble later in its life. Choosing a CPU may look a bit straightforward, but that’s not how it is. You have to make lots of considerations before you can choose any CPU especially when you are planning on building a Custom PC. 

Building your PC is alluring, if you are one of those smart guys who’s keen on building one, then don’t compromise on important components such as CPU. Grab the one that gives the best performance and durability. 

Choose CPU for Custom PC
Choose CPU for Custom PC

In this overview, I will help you choose the CPU that suits you best and also how to install a CPU for your customized computer.  I personally use a custom build compatible CPU for RTX 2070 super, it works perfectly for my needs. If you wish you can try it out too. But the most important aspect in choosing a CPU is its price and specifications. So, make sure you keep everything in mind before buying it. 

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How To Choose a CPU For Your Custom PC 

#1. Integrated Graphics 

Some of the CPUs include internal graphics processors also known as embedded graphics. The GPU has to be stuck together in the same hardware enclosure. Although the integrated GPU performance would not be highly fantastic as the dedicated GPU. But, AMD Ryzen APUs can at least perform at a minimal level for you. 

Thus, I would recommend you choose a CPU that also includes integrated graphics. It is also an easy budget option if you are building your PC for the first time. Later when you have gained much expertise in building PCs you can upgrade to a dedicated GPU. Please make a note of this some of the chic processors do not have integrated graphics, you might have to buy them separately. 

#2. Clock Frequency 

This is one of the most important and deciding parameters in buying a CPU. It calculates the number of binary commands the CPU has processed or can process in a second. This is calculated in GHz. The higher the GHz the better is CPUs performance. Also, make sure the CPU you are choosing must have high turbo boost speed, which is needed when your CPU performs high-end tasks such as gaming, rendering videos, updating software, etc. 

So, choose a 6-core CPU that has a base clock speed of a minimum 3.3Ghz and a Turbo Boost speed of 3.4-3.5 GHz, then you can say that each core frequency is operating at a good speed. 

#3. Cores Unit 

This is again one of the most important parameters you need to consider before you buy a CPU for your custom PC. When the number of cores more hehe multi-tasking potential of your PC gets better. The minimum requirements in modern PC are 4-core and the maximum can be 8-core or above. 

8-core processors could go over budget if you are looking for an entry-level custom PC. Thus, I suggest buying a CPU that offers you more than a 6-core feature, and also don’t forget to consider the clock frequency. Both are equally important to give high performance. 

#4. Motherboard Chipset 

This is another important consideration as this decides the compatibility of your CPU. Look at the name and specifications of the motherboard so you can learn and understand the chipset you would be using. 

For different generations of CPUs you can get its dedicated chipset, eg; Intel 9TH Gen Coffee Lake CPU, you can use Intel 300 series chipset, Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake CPU uses Intel 400 series chipset. That means the higher grade (Gen) your CPU is, the higher chipset you would need. 

Now that you have understood many parameters that decide the performance of your PC, now it's your decision which CPU you think would work best for you. Now, let's see how you will install the CPU in making your Custom PC;

  • Don’t open the pack yet 
Keep the CPU where it is, get ready with other things first. 
  • Ready your Motherboard 
Remove the case, and remove everything that comes in the way of the CPU socket. Keep the retention arm in its open position. Once your CPU socket is clear. Move ahead. 
  • Place your CPU 
The CPU has to go into its socket on the motherboard always facing the right side. Don’t worry if you get confused, the inside of the CPU has all the indicators that will help you with the alignment and placing the direction of each component. 
  • Set the CPU into the Socket 
I assume you have correctly lined up your CPU with the socket. You can shift it around if you think it’s not been placed properly. 
  • Close the retention arm 
Like how you opened the retention arm before, you need to smoothly push down the arm in the same way. Once the retention arm is set, you are good to go. 


I hope the overview on how to choose and install a CPU for your custom PC was simple enough to make you understand the parameters and installation process at ease. If you have any doubts please let us know in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit. 

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