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Typorama For PC Download -Windows 7/8/10-New Version

Typorama for PC Download:  Hi everyone. Are you curious about the idea of graphic quotes and beautiful letters? Typorama will be the perfect app for you. With this application, you can create typography designs as you wish. In this article, we will look at the details of this great utility, its features, and how to use it on your PC.

Typorama For PC
Typorama For PC

What isTyporama?

Typorama for PC
Typorama is a text-decoration application. It is used by you to create fantastic visual images with many functions and effects. It is also used by every user to creatively create typography. The user does not need any design knowledge for this. Typorama is a wonderful application. It is used by you to convert general texts into impressive typography designs. You can currently view this app on the iPad or iPhone. However, we offer you a great way to install the Typorama app on your PC. This application saves your hard work. All you have to do is choose a fund by choosing the quality or by looking for another using a keyword. From there you can now write words and voila. And your typography will be yours. Text drafts can be created approximately when selecting different styles even if they are not templates.

Advantages Of Typorama App For PC

  • Typorama App for pc having More than 50 different typographic text styles are found.
  • Has over 100 different fonts and fonts of popular designs.
  • Double-click on the image to preview it with text editing.
  • Create transparent background images.
  • Creating a square image that is compatible on social networks like WhatsApp, Twitter, and many can be very easy.
  • Adding art can be shared with a friend.
  • Many later mosaics and structures are available.
  • It supports custom font styles.
  • Other features include 3D distortion, the use of gradient colors, shadows for your text, and more.
  • You can create stunning typography word layouts.
  • This application is used to create personal and beautiful posts on your favorite social media sites.
    Typorama for PC
  • You can also use it to create beautiful and unique banners, flyers, or posts for your company.
  • Add color by adding beautiful threads around your family photos.
  • If you are a blogger, you can use it to design beautiful titles for your blog.
  • Typorama For PC Used to create beautiful and wonderful texts.
  • At your disposal are hundreds of images from Pixie and Unsplash.
  • You will find different badges, ribbons, art ornaments, and curved text that will enhance the look of your designs.
  • It has over a hundred typefaces and fonts from the best designers around the world.
  • You can accurately resize your photos following the advanced crop options in use.
  • You can use many colors that you can use to combine your designs.
  • Used to design your logos and watermarks.

How To Install Typorama On PC?

Since Typorama cannot be installed directly on a PC, you can use the Android emulator to run Android applications. You can use the Bluestacks emulator to use Typorama on your PC.

  • Once Bluestacks is downloaded and installed on your computer, you need to open the Home screen.
  • Open the Home screen and go to the search box.
  • There you have to type in the "Typorama" application and find it.
  • Need to download the available Typorama app.
  • The downloaded application will start installing automatically.
  • Now that you have the Typorama application installed on your PC, you can run it effectively.


Typorama is currently crawling as one of the best typography apps on the market. It is found with countless amazing features. That's why its millions of users give it a value of five out of five. So if you like graphic texts, Typorama for PC is the right application for you. Thank you for visiting our blog. keep following for more updates.

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