Monday, December 14, 2020

BVCAM For PC Download Windows 7/8/10-New Version

BVCAM for PC Download:  Hello friends! There are numerous applications available on the Internet for downloading and watching live video from IP cameras. BVCAM is used for you to watch live videos directly on your smartphone. You can control the configuration and everything on the camera by using the Wi-Fi connection. For that, it is very important to make sure to connect the camera with your smartphone or computer. We will now look at BVCAM for PC in detail.


What Is BVCAM?


BVCAM is a camera application that lets you watch videos from your PC. Using this you can get video playback, video recording, and two-way communication with the camera and PC. It also supports the detector sensor feature. If abnormal activity is detected from video or suspicious activity, you can get an instant notification to your PC. Be a great caregiver for those who want to keep their family, home, children, and pets safe at all times. Ensuring that you can keep an eye on them at all times wherever you are. Many of you have bought expensive IP camera surveillance systems and set them up around the house. However, they cannot be viewed without the local area network. It is important to watch those videos and live footage of our surveillance systems when you are not at home. This BVCAM for PC simplifies the process of using an IP camera. This allows you to watch live video on your phone. While the real-time recording is taking place, you can now easily see the full tracking of all your cameras through the app. Also, you can run a two-way audio intercom. It's a good idea to make sure you have this feature on your camera to support this. You can record all videos of surveillance footage from your IP cameras using the real-time recording feature. The driver will be able to see any videos you missed again. Without any complicated network configuration, anyone can view their own security settings from their device. Wherever you are, you can rest assured that your family and children are safe at home. All you have to do is make sure all the cameras are connected properly and that the BVCAM  for PC application is working properly. 

Main Advantages Of BVCAM For PC

  • This application works easily to control the security of your home or office.

  • Motion detector sensor feature is found in this application.
  • Seems to be free to download and easy to install from the Apps Store.
  • The interface is easy to control.
  • Supports video streaming, sharing, screenshots, and more.
  • Used to protect family, home, children, and pets.
  • It used to track you all the time from anywhere.
  • IP Simplifies the process of using the camera.
  • This will allow you to watch live video.
  • It allows you to run a two-way audio intercom.
  • Allows you to record all videos of surveillance footage from your IP cameras.
  • BVCAM for PC allows you to view security settings without any complicated network configuration.
  • Allows you to add unlimited cameras and additional devices.

How To Install BVCAM on PC?

You need to select the best Android emulator to install BVCAM on a PC. What we recommend to you is the Bluestacks prototype. Below are simple steps to install BVCAM for PC using Bluestacks. It is enough to follow it.

  • You first download and install Bluestacks on your PC from its official webpage.
  • Bluestacks may take a few minutes to install. Until then you have to wait.
  • After installing Bluestacks you need to open it and go to your Google account.
  • In it, you need to open the Google Play Store using your Google account.
  • There you have to type “BVCAM”   in the search box and let it search.
  • Once the BVCAM utility is available you need to click "Install"  to allow it to install on your PC.
  • Now you have to wait for the BVCAM application to install.
  • You can start using it once you have BVCAM installed on your PC.


This can be a great solution as there are a lot of features in the BVCAM application to protect your home and workspace. You can control all the cameras using the WiFi connection with your PC. So ensure security by using BVCAM on your PC. Thanks for the visit and follow for more updates.

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