Thursday, September 10, 2020

5 Must Have features in Attendance Management Software 2020

Features of Attendance Management Software: The year 2020 witnessed the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has changed the entire world and has made people re-think about their safety and well being. At first most of the countries underwent strict lockdown to ensure proper safety. While the majority of the offices were closed some started working from their homes. However, to restructure the failing economy and combat other financial crises, most of the offices and workplaces had to be reopened, only after taking all the necessary precautions. Now, as the employees are going back to their offices the existing biometric fingerprint scanners and card swiping machines are no longer safe, as they can serve as a medium for the virus to get spread.  

Features of Attendance Management Software
Features of Attendance Management Software

Contactless attendance management systems including access card scanners, facial recognition devices, and the ones having their own mobile app are gaining more importance. The companies manufacturing attendance management devices have reported that all their existing clients have requested to get the fingerprint scanners replaced by facial recognition devices. Moreover, there has been a huge rise in the demand for attendance management software to facilitate contactless attendance punching procedure.

5 Features to Consider Before Investing In Attendance Management Software in 2020:

Features of Attendance Management Software

The entire world is witnessing a huge change in all spheres. Office life after the pandemic has witnessed certain major changes. With contactless work management and social distancing being the new normal, offices are forced to eliminate the existing biometric attendance devices and invest in new attendance management software.

However, a detailed study has to be done before finally investing in one. Here are 5 most important features to look out for before investing in an attendance management software in 2020.  

1. Phone number based clock in and clock out

To facilitate social distancing within the premises most of the offices have started to work with 50% of their employees on alternative days. The clock in and clock out feature within attendance management software is the first thing to consider.  Employees should be able to clock in, register their lunch breaks, and clock out using the personalized phone numbers assigned to each of them. Thus avoiding unnecessary contacts with any surfaces which might be contaminated. The dedicated mobile numbers also eliminate the chances of proxy attendance within the employees.   

2. Dedicated Mobile App

Attendance management software with a dedicated mobile app has an extra advantage as it helps the companies in streamlining the entire attendance monitoring procedure within a single platform. The app works as an essential medium to eliminate employee time theft and also saves in a lot of time for the HR managers, allowing them to focus on other important tasks. Most importantly, companies with remote employees and field workers find it easy to track down their employees via the mobile app. Managers also get to communicate with the people working under them through the app.

3. Payroll Integration 

Taking care of payroll is a massive task to do. With the elimination of former biometric fingerprint scanners, the entire office system has undergone certain major changes. Attendance management software capable of integrating with the payroll system is a must feature to look out for. The software should be able to calculate the payroll of an individual employee based on their time input in an automatic manner. It should be capable of reconciling the paid time offs and approved leaves to eliminate unnecessary confusion by the end of the month. 

4. Reporting

Maintaining employee attendance in a recorded format is an essential responsibility to be looked after by the HR department of an organization. Attendance management software capable of offering basic attendance reports based on overtime, total working hours, and missed days for each employee is a must thing to look out for. Further, the reports should be available in an exportable format to facilitate easy management and record tracking.    

5. Employee self-service

An attendance management app equipped with employee self-service features is a real game-changer. Considering the current scenario, employees no longer have to visit their office HR in person to request for leave or submit their official documents on a manual basis. With the employee self-service portal, they would be able to manage it all by themselves. Thus saving in a lot of time and unnecessary document mishandling as a lot of documents get lost during the transition process. For HR, now they will get an ample amount of time to focus on other essential official matters like hiring, training, and partnership activities. 

Attendance Management Software Features

Final Words

The year 2020 can also be termed as the year of change. The entire world is coming up with new ways of living. Offices and workplaces are ditching the traditional working atmosphere and are coming up with new working patterns to facilitate social distancing and contactless work environments. Monitoring attendance of individual employees continues to be an essential part of the office culture, in that case, the pre-existing fingerprint scanners which are no longer effective, are being replaced by attendance management software. Here in this article, we tried to help you out with the features to look out for within the attendance management software before finally investing in it. We hope that the article was helpful to you. 

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