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Pubg Mobile Game on PC Free Download Latest Version 2020 Apk

PUBG Apk for PC Download: Do you want to play Pubg mobile game on PC/laptop? and Don't know how to do it? do not worry. You just picked the right article. Here in this post, we provide you the complete details about the PUBG Mobile game and how to install and play it on PC Windows? stay tuned and read the complete post to get the game on your pc. Okay, let's get into the topic. The PUBG game can be downloaded on PC in two ways. 1. Download Windows version of the Pubg game. 2. Download the Pubg mobile version of the game and run it on your PC using the Android Emulator/Tencent gaming buddy. There are many other online battle games available in the market similar to PUBG such as Free Fire, Rules of Survival and Fortnite. Even though the PUBG game made millions of live users and fans across the world because of its advanced options and gameplay. Now let's lol more details about PUBG mobile game on PC windows.
Pubg for PC
Pubg for PC Download
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About PUBG for PC:

Pubg for PC

PUBG Mobile is called as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. This is the official Android mobile port of the biggest Battle Royale game currently on the market. This award-winning online multiplayer game is absolutely awesome for all types of game lovers. PUBG easily eclipses Fortnite and offers you a unique way for its planetary audience to experience tactical and realistic multiplayer competition among over a hundred players. Only one person survives in this game. In order to attract such huge popularity, developers from Tencent are trying. The PC version of the game has been ported to the Android operating system by introducing new features like streamlined touch while maintaining high-speed gaming, subsystems, and various game modes. The friendly interface and new display provide full access to customization. This game can be found with many additional options for PC gamers.

It has full support for keyboard and mouse controls, high-resolution and framerate rendering methods, and many customization options available in this PUBG Mobile game. This mobile version of the game has slightly simplistic views. This allows you to run it on very moderate hardware that requires a full (premium) desktop version of the game. Players of PUBG Mobile for Desktop will only match other PC players of the same version of the game. This ensures that the pitch is fair.

Installing the PC version of PUBG needs a higher-end computer with quality graphics support and that could be very expensive so everyone can't afford that. Now PUBG released a lite version for lower-end PC/computers but in this lite version, you will not get the original PUBG gaming experience. If you are having a lower end PC and want to play the original PUBG game then the best way is playing PUBG Mobile version on PC with the help of Tencent gaming buddy or any other android emulators.

Main Features of Pubg Mobile App for PC/Laptop:

Pubg for PC has many advanced features and options here we have listed only a few main features and they are as follows:
pubg apk for pc windows features
  • The world's most popular Battle Royale game, PUBG Mobile is now be played on the PC the best thing about this game is it is completely free of cost(read the full post to know-how).
  • The classic mode is very popular in that you will be dropped into an island with 100 other players you need to survive till the end of the game to get the chicken dinner. Now they updated the game lots of other modes such as Payload mode, 4v4 team match mode, and zombie modes.
  • You can run the popular Android version on your PC or laptop and this game provides you lots of massive battle maps with many interesting locations and elements.
  • There is a fully-featured multiplayer experience with full player count and all game modes. Full support is found for better and smoother rendering methods.
  • It will allow you to use a keyboard, mouse, and gamepad for game controls. The main highlight of this PUBG Mobile game is it will support live voice chat with there teammates so this will be very interesting for the players.
  • They PUBG Tencent team always keep the game up-to-date and very stable so you can play the game in any of your devices without any hesitation. Now you can play PUBG game on various devices such as android mobile, iOS, Windows PC, Mac PC, and Android TV, etc.
  • You can easily invite any of your friends from social media or any other platform. It allows you to create your team squad using your friends. Okay, let's look at the methods to download and install PUBG Apk on PC Windows.

Keys to Control PUBG Mobile on PC Windows:
Pubg for PC

  • Up - W
  • Left - A
  • Down - S
  • Right - D
  • Jump - Spacebar
  • Interact - F
  • Look around - T
  • Crouch - Shift
  • Prone - Ctrl
  • Change Weapons - 1 and 2
  • Shooting Mode - Right Click
  • Shoot - Left Click
  • Zoom In and Out - Q
  • Reload - R
  • Open Backpack - Tab

How to Install PUBG Mobile Apk on PC Windows

The PUBG game is available for all platform devices you can get the Windows PC version directly from the official website. The Xbox version of the game is also available from the official website so you can get the game easily. Now we provide you the 2 methods to play PUBG game on PC/laptop. If you are ready to buy and play the game then you can follow the method 1. If you want to play PUBG on pc windows free of cost then go with method 2. Both methods will work and gives you the best gaming experience. Before download and play the PUBG on PC try to know the minimum and recommended system requirements below.
pubg mobile for pc system requirements

Method 1: Download PUBG for PC Windows Version - Paid 

The PUBG windows Xbox is not free. You need to buy the game to play it in your PC similarly the PUBG for play station also not free you need to purchase the official version to play. The cost of the PUBG windows version is around 30 dollars. If you want to play the game with Xbox features then you can go and purchase the game from the PUBG official website. Download PUBG for PC Xbox
You can also play the

PUBG game official PC version for free which is called PUBG lite version. Tencent also released the PUBG lite version for lower-end computers which is completely free of cost. With this free PUBG lite PC version, you will not get the complete features of the official PUBG PC version so most of the people don't like this lite version. Download the PUBG Lite version for PC. 

If you want to play the PUBG Mobile game on PC for free with all features and gameplay then you can go with the below method. 

Method 2: Download PUBG Mobile App on PC Windows- Free:

PUBG Mobile Apk cannot be installed directly on the PC/laptop. So you need to use the Android emulator. PUBG Mobile can run on PC through Tencent's official Android emulator and Storefront package. This application was originally known as Tencent Gaming buddy. But now it has been upgraded with new capabilities and renamed as Gameloop. The installation of  PUBG Mobile appears to be quick and streamlined. Users must first download and run the smallest installer. Both the installer and the app need to follow the on-screen instructions to get it ready for operation. Downloading the PUBG mobile package is done with the help of emulators. And it runs completely automated. You can also play the PUBG game with the help of Bluestacks emulator, here we tell you both the ways so choose your best and favorite emulator. 

  • You first download the Gameloop PUBG emulator or Bluestacks android emulator from its official website.
  • The Gameloop is specially developed for PUBG game so download and follow the installation steps then you can directly get into the PUBG game interface for playing the game. (The whole process need the internet connection and will take some times so please wait for the process to complete) .
  • If you want to play with Bluestacks then install the downloaded Bluestacks.exe file on your PC/laptop.
  • Then open Bluestacks, add your Google Account and open the Google Play Store app.
Pubg for PC
  • In the play store search bar, type "PUBG Mobile" and click on the search button.
  • Once the application is available on the screen you need to choose the PUBG Mobile Apk for PC and click the “Install” to start the download.
Pubg for PC free download
  • The application will be downloaded immediately and will install automatically on your PC windows.
  • After installing the PUBG Mobile app on PC you can start playing with your friends on the bigger screen. If you have any doubts please let us know in the below comment box we always expect a response from our users.

The FAQ on PUBG Mobile Game on PC:

How much the PUBG game cost?
The cost of PUBG Xbox($29.9), Stream($29.99) and Playstation($29.99).

How to Play PUBG game free on PC?
You can play PUBG game on PC for free using the above method(Play PUBG mobile on PC using android emulators).

Is PUBG pc lite is free?
Yes, the PUBG PC lite version is completely free of cost. just use the above download link to get the liv version for free.


These are all the methods and ways to download and install the PUBG game on pc/laptop. This game made many records and most of the players getting addicted to PUBG because it gives you the best gameplay and realistic graphics. At the same time, the game allows you to set different options such as target speed, custom controls, and shortcuts. It is seen with many different features. Install and use PUBG apk on PC with the simplest way we have mentioned above.

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