Friday, September 24, 2021

Top 5 Mini-Games that Gamers will be Glad to See in GTA VI

Top Mini-Games in GTA VI: The media is full of rumors about the upcoming GTA game. Though The game is not released yet, fans already speculating about the features they will experience in the new GTA game. We think, now it's the right time to fantasize about what mini-games could be featured in it. Without wasting any time, I give you the list of top 5 mini-games that fans would love to see in GTA VI.

Mini Games in GTA VI
Mini Games in GTA VI

1. Hunting 

Most players would love to go Hunting in the upcoming episode of GTA. Hunting is one of the best ways to spend spare time, and the stage is already set for Hunting because the series has everything required for this mini-game: the game has an open world consist of thousand miles, high peak mountains, tree-dominated forests, amazing weapons, and diverse animal species. 

2. Arcade Games 

Most of us played a lot of arcade games in our childhood, and we would give anything to experience those memories again. Arcade games will add more thrill to the gameplay, especially when players want time off from long-standing missions. Though it might be hard for GTA VI to get the license for the same game, Rockstar can make similar games for the players and enhance their interest in the game.

3. Boxing 

Engaging in physical activity is the best way to reduce stress, and sports is a perfect choice. Basketball featured in San Andreas, though it was a bit boring to play, but still contributed to the GTA criminal motif and made a perfect environment. If there is any other sport that could fit the GTA atmosphere, then Boxing would be a wonderful choice. Boxing is trending again and getting the attention of a lot of people nowadays, so it contains the perfect opportunity for GTA VI to include traditional boxing or an underground boxing ring to attract more players. 

4. Skating 

There are various skate parks in the GTA games, but players are unable to get a chance to skateboard or roller skate. Skating would be a fantastic addition to GTA VI, where players can take time off from the hardcore missions and do skating for fun. Skating will provide a unique experience to the players as compared to driving a car or a bike. 

5. Poker 

Poker is very well-liked in the GTA online and it provides the players to earn substantially. Poker was already featured in several Rockstar projects and now the fans want a more serious and authentic game like Texas Hold’Em (according to Exycasinos experts) featured in RDR2. The game provided a genuine experience where you can even bluff, you can also cheat, and get killed because of it. It is most likely that this version of poker will feature in GTA VI, if not, then the fans would get frustrated.  

The Hype is real, and fans cannot wait any longer, so we hope GTA VI will be out soon and will break many records


These are all the top 5 mini-games in GTA VI, Hope this list of games will help to find your favorite mini-game. If you have any doubts about this article please feel free to ask in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit guys.

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