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SHARE All for PC Free Download-Windows 7/8/10

SHARE All for PC Download:  Hello friends! We welcome all of you who come to our post. Looking for a great way to share movies, photos, videos, documents, apps? Looking for the best alternative to Share it? We give the best solution for that. The SHARE All utility is a great choice for users who want quick ways to transfer data.
share all for pc download
Share all for PC Windows

About SHARE All For PC
SHAREall for PC

SHARE All is an app used to share or modify files such as movies, photos, videos, documents, applications. SHARE All acts as a free file transfer utility. Its best feature is allows you to share files without the Internet. There are so many features like password protection, and many more. This is the Indian application of a Quantum 4 LTD company. This application is very popular in India.  That means you can easily send files, no matter how big, through this app. SHARE All for PC is a great alternative to the Share it app. This allows you to transfer files from anywhere to your friends' mobile at any time.  Its best feature is its simple and easy-to-use file sharing and transfer utility designed to make managing files very fast and efficient. Allows secure file sharing with password protection. Its have a junk file and junk photo cleaner used by you to clean junk files, cache, copy files. The Software Update Test allows you to automatically check for updates on all downloaded applications, games, and computer applications at regular intervals. This app captures the best place in your mind as users as it gives you a quick, easy, effective, and efficient way to transfer data and share files.

Key features of the SHARE All for PC

  • You can share any file or application to another device.
  • This allows files to be shared offline without the use of Internet data.
  • Caller screen is used to know who is calling after the call screen and then share files from the call screens.
  • Transfer or share files in a few seconds with better quality and easily at 300 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • SHARE ALL for PC used to send music, pictures, videos, files, docs, documents and applications anywhere, anytime.
  • To make managing files very fast and efficient.
  • This application works very helpfully to share files without limits.
  • View or play all types of shared and received files.
SHAREall for PC
  • You can check your video history and the folder you received.
  • Supports secure file sharing with password protection used in it.
  • Junk File and Junk Photo Cleaner is used to help you clean up junk files, cache and copy files.
  • Used to automatically check for updates at regular intervals for all downloaded applications, games, and computer applications.
  • SHARE All can be used in 15 different languages ​​from around the world.
  • This is a great application that can be used to share any kind of files offline without using internet data at any time. No cables, no 3G, no 4G required.
    SHAREall for PC

How to install the SHARE All app on PC

  • You can easily install and use the SHARE All app on your PC with the help of an Android emulator.
  • First, you need to download Bluestacks on your PC  with the official website.
  • Next, you need to download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Then open Bluestacks, sign in with your Google Account, and enter your Gmail ID and password.
  • You need to go to the Google Play Store, type in the SHARE All app in the search bar and 
  • Then when you get the SHARE All app, you need to allow it to install.
  • Now you have the SHARE All app installed on your PC you can start using it.

How the SHAREall app works on PC

  • Follow the steps below to read more about how the SHARE All app works on PC.
  • Install the SHARE All app and create a profile.
  • Click on "Send" to send the files and "Receive" to receive the files.
  • At the end of the receiver, wait until the hot spot is created automatically.
  • Then at the end of the sender, select the files to send.
  • At the end of the sender, the receiver will automatically connect to the WiFi to the created hot spot.
  • Next, the recipient's profile picture will be displayed on the sender's WiFi screen.
  • Clicking on the image will take place between the sender and the recipient via the hot spot.
  • Eventually, the sent files are easily transferred between the sender and the recipient without any internet connection.


SHARE All is a great application for easily sharing files, movies, videos, applications, and pictures from one device to another. None of these requires internet and limitations. So make your job easier by using the SHARE All app. Thanks for visiting our site, keep following our website for more updates.

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